Banknotes of Bosnia and Herzegovina printed in England

The Government of Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina signed a contract with English banknote printing works Thomas de la Rue in Janu­ary or in February 1992. The aim of this step was to ensure the first quanti­ties of banknotes for independent Republic. The contract was secret, without knowledge of Governor of National Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The first banknotes were printed with signature of Prime Minister Mr. Pelivan as Governor, and they were the first series.
The second, proof, series with signature of Governor Mr. Andrijić (sig­nature was not genuine) followed in the first months of 1993.
As the combination of basic elements of previous two series, the third series followed immediately.
Although the ”London” banknotes were printed in total amount of about 17 billion dinars these notes did not reach the circulation, National Bank refused to accept them from the printer and just a small amount of 50 and 1000 dinars notes of the third series reached the numismatic market. Seven different banknotes are known to exist (two of first, two of second and three of third series), but author expects that each four banknotes in each three series are printed.

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